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Rowing Machine Before and After: Transformations & Weight Loss Results

Rowing Machine Weight Loss ResultsLooking for some good rowing machine before and after photos to help motivate you?

Do you want to know “how will rowing change my body?”

I can show you this and more!

I help break down some of the main benefits of using a rowing machine as well as key factors for losing weight.

Factors such as eating a healthy diet and maintaining a consistent workout schedule.

I then breakdown how some rowing machine before and after photos are FAKE!

Yes, you read that correctly. Many fitness transformation photos are misleading and downright fake.

I will bring you real rowing before and after weight loss photos along with some great links to success stories.

Some people have lost over 100 lbs. from using a rowing machine and share their story of how they were able to be so successful!

Rowing Machine Benefits

If you don’t know by now, rowing machines are the most beneficial pieces of exercise equipment (in my opinion).

They have so many benefits over other pieces of fitness equipment but yet so few people know how to use them! Which leads many people to wonder how a rowing machine will effect their body?

One of the major benefits is providing a complete total-body workout. Using a rowing machine will exercise 84% of all the muscles in your body. At the same time it will give you an amazing cardiovascular workout. You can read my article for diagrams on every muscle used while rowing.

Rowing Machine Muscles Used

Rowing can also be done for short, intense sprints or long, steady marathons. This makes them great for anaerobic or aerobic exercises.

Due to rowing using almost every muscle in your body and getting your heart rate through the roof, it is a master at burning calories, building lean muscle, and blasting away fat. Many will say a rowing machine is the best exercise machine for weight loss and it can even help build strong, lean ab muscles.

Unlike other popular exercises like running, rowing is low-impact and very easy on the joints. This makes it great for older individuals or anyone who doesn’t like to put a lot of stress on their joints.

While the list of rowing machine benefits can go on and on, I know we all want to get to the juicy rowing machine before and after pics!

But first we must understand how these rowing transformations are possible!

How Will Rowing Change My Body?

Yes, a rowing machine will 100% change your body for the better. You will see increased lean muscle, lower body fat percentage, increased energy levels, improved mood, better cardio, and so much more!

However, most people want to know how will rowing change my body but don’t understand how it is possible!

While rowing for just 15 minutes a day can show improvements, it will not show drastic changes like the photos below.

To achieve great results, takes great effort and some lifestyle changes. Below are my 3 key points that must be followed to achieve amazing rowing machine before and after photos like the ones below.

Daily Exercise

You must exercise daily, no excuses! Ok, you can definitely take 1-2 days off a week to recover but I recommend 1 day off only!

Daily exercise is key to seeing improvements and seeing them fast. Also, making the commitment to work out everyday helps build the habit and not allow room for excuses.

If you find yourself saying “I don’t have the time to exercise”, change it to saying “exercise is not a priority to me.”

The change is subtle but it is the truth! Everyone has the time, just don’t waste it doing other things or try getting up an hour earlier!

No Rowing Machine Time

If you tell yourself you will exercise daily, then that’s it! Get it done!

Clean Healthy Diet

Diet is actually more important than exercise when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

Many experts will say weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise!

This is due to it being so easy to cut calories out of your diet rather then exercise them off.

Rowing Machine Diet

For example, a plain bagel with cream cheese is about 300 calories and 150 calories for a cappuccino (450 calories total). If you change this to eating a banana (100 calories) and a cup of black coffee (5 calories) you would have a difference of almost 300 calories!!

Most people will burn 300 calories if they exercise for 1 whole hour! By simply changing your diet you can remove an hour of hard exercise from your schedule!

Making small changes like this to your diet is the reason why eating healthy is so important!

But the real magic happens when you combine eating a clean diet with a daily exercise routine :)


We all know the saying, “consistency is key” and that is the truth!

To see results while exercising we must be consistent with our workout routine and diet.

Rowing Machine Weight Loss Consistency

Consistently working out everyday and eating healthy will lead to the fastest transformations. I know it will be difficult but the results will be worth it!

Check out the transformation this man experienced after rowing every day for 30 days!

I have seen some amazing rowing machine results and rowing body transformations! Each of these people exercised daily and worked hard to eat a clean, healthy diet.

Rowing Machine Before and After: Myths?

You may not be aware but many before and after photos are FAKE! It is true, companies and people fake weight loss and transformation photos all the time.

I wanted to mention this so the next time you see a “before and after” photo you can take it with a grain of salt.

There are many ways to fake a transformation photo and a Huffington Post writer even showed us how he did it. Check out this fake before and after photo.

Luke DePron, talks about how he pumps up his muscles, manipulates his posture, adds lighting, and edits photos to make himself look strong and lean.

Fake Before and After Photo

DePron isn’t the only one who shows how this can be done. There are many other article out there of people showing how they transform from an unfit, couch potato to a shredded gym rat within an hour!

People do the same on Instagram and many fitness influencers are speaking out against the “staged photos”. They express their concern for misleading people into think this is how they look all the time, when in reality it is right after they finished working out! The photo is then taken with many “manipulations” to make themselves look thinner and better overall.

While the “before and after” photo is a great moral booster and way to track progress, it is not everything!

You should also judge progress on the way you “feel”, such as mood, energy levels, sleep patterns, etc.. Exercise has an effect on all of these and helps us live an overall better life.

Rowing Body Transformation & Weight Loss Results

While some photos may be staged, there are still plenty of rowing machine before and after photos that are real!

Plus we have some great stories of people who have actually used rowing as a means to live a happier and healthier life! Unfortunately, not everyone wants to take a photo of themselves but testimonials provide great motivational examples as well!

Going through the different rowing machine before and after photos made it difficult to distinguish between real and fake photos. I tried to pull examples of very drastic transformations that would be hard to fake and also testimonials where people weren’t trying to sell anything.

Sarah’s Story of Rowing Machine Weight Loss Results

A great example comes from “Sarah’s Story” on the UCanRow2 website. Sarah has rowed over 2 million meters in the last year and a half and lost over 50 lbs.!

She claims the indoor rower was her “magic bullet” and she can’t believe the changes that have occurred due to consistent exercise.

Rowing Machine Before and After

Rowing Machine Before and After Photo

Sarah talks about how rowing was the one exercise she found she could enjoy and once she began rowing everyday, the weight began to come off easily.

Sarah talks about many other benefits of losing weight and how she has been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle in her article on UCanRow2.com.

Concept2 Testimonials

Many people have purchased a Concept2 Rower and lost over 100 lbs.!! Luckily, they have been gracious enough to tell us some of their story and share some rowing machine before and after photos.

One amazing example is Adrianne Rondon who lost 105 lbs. rowing on a Concept2 rowing machine!

Rowing Before and After Weight Loss

Another great Concept2 testimonial comes from Bill McGowan who says dieting, walking and rowing helped him go from 330 lbs. to 225 lbs. in just over 5 months!

Bill lost 105 lbs. and went from a size 52″ waist to 38″ waist!

Rowing Body Transformation

More stories like Bill and Adrianne can be found on the Concept2 testimonial page.

Other Rowing Machine Before and After Success Stories

If you search around the internet you will see a lot of photos of rowing machine weight loss results and rowing body transformations.

Many of these people’s stories include different ways in which they were able to successfully lose weight and change their appearance.

Sometimes people use many forms of exercise such as running, walking, biking, rowing, etc.. This helps keep people engaged and stops them from getting bored.

While a rowing machine alone can cause drastic weight loss, it is sometimes better to add other exercises as well to help you workout longer and more often!

Below is an example of a woman who used rowing and other forms of exercise to achieve amazing weight loss results!

Body Before and After Rowing Machine

Stacy was able to lose 104.5 lbs during a 90-day challenge! She credits the treadmill, elliptical, bike, and rowing machine as her main forms of cardio.

Her transformation photos are amazing and very inspiring. You can read her full story here.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, rowing can be a major tool for people looking to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

I can tell you first hand that rowing has been the one activity I have been able to stick with and it has improved my overall health drastically.

Being consistent with a daily exercise routine and healthy eating habits is the key to weight loss success.

The different rowing body transformation photos above are truly amazing! They are an inspiration to anyone looking to use rowing as a means to lose weight.

While you may have been expecting to see a person go from overweight to shredded muscle, these types of photos are usually fake. I tried to bring you real examples of people who have truly used rowing and dieting to achieve major weight loss results.

I suggest tracking your weight loss journey by keeping a journal with how much weight you have lost, as well as how you feel. Most of the time your overall mood/energy levels are a more important benefit than weight loss.

I also recommend taking a rowing machine before and after photo just so you can see how much your hard work has paid off!

If you are looking for a rowing machine to begin your weight loss journey I always recommend the Concept2 Model D. It is the #1 bestseller and best rowing machine overall. You can read my best weight loss rowing machine review here.

You can also visit my Personal Rowing Concierge Page and allow me to pick a rowing machine for you.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my article on rowing machine weight loss results! Feel free to share your story in the comment section :)

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