High Weight Capacity Rowing Machine Models

High Weight Capacity Rowing MachineAre you looking for high weight capacity rowing machine models?

Look no further because I have all the models picked out and the best in each price range and resistance!

For a long time heavier users had to pay a fortune to find a rowing machine with a high weight limit. Now you can find them in all price ranges and even different resistance types!

This allows anyone to workout in the comfort of their own home and also try rowing on a budget model before moving up to a more advanced level.

Below I will list the best way to find a high weight capacity rowing machine. Plus, I will list different resistance types and price ranges in each weight capacity group.



If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out or leave me a comment!

Choosing a Resistance Type & Price

I always recommend first picking a resistance type and price range. This will help narrow down your options the most!

When people used to search for high rowing machine weight limits, they were forced to buy either an air or water rower. However, they can now choose between magnetic and hydraulic-piston as well!

If you aren’t sure what any of these resistance type are, then I suggest reading my resistance type breakdown article here. This article details all the different types and characteristics of each.

Rowing Machine Resistance

I also have an article comparing air vs. water resistance and another article comparing magnetic vs. air resistance.

I usually then have readers select a desired price range. This can help them eliminate more options and usually narrow it down to 1 or 2 choices.

For example, you may know you want an advanced monitor, which means you wouldn’t buy anything under $500. This would eliminate half the options! Then you may prefer magnetic resistance, which would then leave you with only 1 or 2 choices.

Search Options by Rowing Machine Weight Capacity

Many online retailers have realized that rowing machine weight limit is a big deciding factor, so they created a “weight capacity” category to sort the different options.

However, I have noticed that many times when you select a range like 300-400 lbs., there are many models missing that are in this range.

For example, the least expensive rowing machine with a high weight capacity has a limit of 350lbs., but when I searched this range it wasn’t included.

I still think it is a great feature to have and I’ll show you how to use it below.

For Amazon, you can visit the Main Rowing Machine Page here and look on the left sidebar (on a laptop). You will then see a filter for “Weight Capacity” where you can select your desired range.

Hayneedle is another site that sells a bunch of rowing machines and they have a “weight capacity” filter as well.

You can visit their Main Rowing Machine page here and look on the left sidebar as well.

A lot of times when using a smartphone, there are less filter options, which means they may not be available if you are browsing on your phone.

Ok, now on to the different models in each weight capacity. Don’t forget to review all options because some models in the 350 lb. category cost less than models in the 300 lb. section.

I will also list each option with a dollar symbol:

  • “$” ($349 & Under)
  • “$$” ($350-$599)
  • “$$$” ($600 & Up)

Rowing Machine 300 lb Weight Capacity

The average budget rowing machine has a weight limit of 250 lbs., so 300 lbs is going to be the next bump up. There are plenty of options to choose in the “rowing machine 300 lb weight capacity” section and you will have every resistance type!

I will list a short description of the rower, a link to my review, and a button to check current pricing. My review will cover all the other details about the model.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623 Air/Magnetic Rower ($)

The Sunny SF-RW5623 is a low cost air & magnetic combination rower. This means you have the benefits of both air and magnetic resistance.

The weight limit is 300 lbs. and a great option for someone wanting a combination rower. Check out my full Sunny Health SF-RW5623 Rower review here.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623

Check Reviews & Prices

Stamina X Air Rower ($$)

The Stamina X Air Rower actually has a 250 lb. weight capacity but it is built extremely well. There have been plenty of users who are 300 lbs. who have used this rower without an issue.

I wanted to include it because it is a fairly low cost air rower that many people buy instead of the Concept2. You can read my full Stamina X Air Rower review here.

Stamina X Air Rower


Check Reviews & Prices

Sunny Health & Fitness Ultra Tension Pro ($$)

A great magnetic option with a 300 lb weight limit is the Sunny Health & Fitness Ultra Tension Pro. It has strong resistance, very quiet resistance, and a decent monitor that can record heart rate.

This is the least expensive magnetic rowing machine with a 300 lb. weight limit. See my full Ultra tension Pro review here.

Sunny Health & Fitness Ultra Tension Pro

Check Reviews & Prices

First Degree Fitness Newport Challenge ($$$)

The FDF Newport Challenge has a 300 lb. weight capacity and will be the least expensive water rower that can handle over 275 lbs (WaterRower A1 has a 275 lb. weight limit).

It has great resistance technology and an advanced monitor. You can read my full Newport Challenge review here.

First Degree Fitness Newport Challenge

Check Reviews & Prices

Rowing Machine 350 lb Capacity

The next bump up in weight capacity is to the 350 lb. limit. Just because these rowing machine have higher weight capacities, doesn’t mean they cost more!

The “rowing machine 350 lb capacity” category actually holds the lowest cost high weight capacity rowing machine option!

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Full Motion Rower ($)

The Sunny SF-RW5639 is a hydraulic-piston rower with two “free-motion” rowing arms. This is a great option for people wanting the orbital arms or a very inexpensive rower.

The SF-RW5639 has very strong supports and a very compact design. You can read my full Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 review here.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639

Check Reviews & Prices

Another similar option with a 330 lb. weight capacity is the Soozier Adjustable Rower. I don’t have a review of this model but you can check the current pricing & reviews here.

 HCI Fitness ProRower RX-750 ($$$)

The ProRower RX-750 is another decent water rowing machine with a 350lb. weight capacity. This model has smooth resistance and a decent performance monitor.

It hasn’t received as many good reviews as the Newport Challenge but it does have an additional 50 lbs. of weight allowance. Please see my full HCI Fitness ProRower RX-750 review here.

 HCI Fitness ProRower RX-750

Check Reviews & Prices

Rowing Machine 400 lb Capacity & Above

Getting into the 400 lb. and 500 lb. weight capacity rowing machines means we are looking at some high quality models. These rowing machines are built like tanks and are often used in gyms and training centers.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower ($$$)

The Concept2 Model D is the #1 bestselling rowing machine and it is used by Olympic rowers and professional athletes around the world! It is an air resistance rower, so it has very little maintenance and it features the best performance monitor.

In my opinion, the Concept2 is the best value out of all the options and the best of the “rowing machine 400 lb capacity” section! Plus, it has a 500 lb. weight limit! Check out my full Concept2 Model D review here.

Concept2 Model D

Check Reviews & Prices

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine ($$$)

The WaterRower brand of rowing machines makes the best water resistance rowers on the market. They are made of wood, so they look amazing! Plus, they have a 1,000 lb. weight capacity!

There are a few different WaterRower models that are each made of different wood types, which changes the price. The WaterRower ‘Natural’ is a popular seller and a lower cost model. You can read my full WaterRower Natural review here.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

Check Reviews & Prices

LifeCore R100 Commercial Rower

The LifeCore R100 is an air/magnetic combination rower with strong resistance and high build quality. This model can hold up to 600 lbs. and has a very smooth rowing stroke.

It has 16 levels of resistance and 15 different preset monitor programs. You can read my full LifeCore R100 Rower review here.

LifeCore R100 Commercial Rower

Check Reviews & Prices

Other High Weight Capacity Rowing Machines

As you move into the “$600 & Up” price range you will see a lot more rowing machines begin to have higher weight limits.

There are other rowing machines with high weight capacities, but I believe the models above are a better value for their price range or resistance type.

Another good air/magnetic combination rower in the higher-end category is the Sole SR500 Rower.

You can also look into another great air rower option called the Xebex Air Rower.

Rowing Machine Weight Capacity

Both have a rowing machine weight capacity of 500 lbs. These are excellent rowing machine models that cost slightly less than the Concept2, however, I feel you get a lot more value with the Concept2 than the increase in price.

Final Thoughts

As you now know, there are a bunch of great high weight capacity rowing machine models!

Plus, you can now find some really good models in the lower price ranges, which makes it great for the price conscious consumer.

As I mentioned above, I would first try to pick your favorite 1 or 2 resistance types. Then have a price range in mind. This usually narrows it down to just a few options.

If you aren’t looking to spend more than $500 and you have a favorite resistance type, you may only have 1 option!

If you don’t have a price limit, then I feel the best option with a high rowing machine weight capacity is the Concept2 Model D. This model is really the best overall rowing machine and will last a lifetime. Plus, it is backed by the #1 rowing company in the world!

If you want a slightly quieter rowing machine, then I would opt for a WaterRower model.

I hope this article was able to help you find a great option with a high rowing machine weight limit! If I missed any models with a high weight capacity, please leave it in the comment section below!

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