Rowing Machine vs. Elliptical

Ultimate Comparison: Rowing Machine vs. Elliptical – Which is Better?

Have you wondered which is better: rowing machine vs. elliptical? Are you looking for the best at-home workout but only have space for one machine …

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Rowing Machine vs. Bike

Ultimate Comparison: Rowing Machine vs. Bike – Which is Better?

It’s amazing how often people ask “Which is a better exercise: rowing machine or bike?” And it should get asked. After all, you want a …

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Vertical vs Horizontal Rowing Tank

Vertical vs. Horizontal Rowing Tank

Wondering what the difference is between a vertical vs. horizontal rowing tank? Well, you’re in the right place! Rowing machine manufacturers are always looking for …

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Matrix Rower vs. Concept2

Matrix Rower vs. Concept2 Comparison

Have you narrowed down your search to the Matrix Rower vs. Concept2? Maybe you’ve done a ton of research and these two models keep popping …

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Xebex vs. Concept2 Comparison

Xebex vs. Concept2 Comparison

Many people ask me to compare the Xebex vs. Concept2 rowing machines. “Are they the same?”, “Which is better?”, “Which one should I buy?” At …

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Concept2 Model D vs. Concept2 Model E

Choosing between the Concept2 Model D vs. the Concept2 Model E may be one of the hardest decisions in the world! Ok, obviously not true …

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Rowing Machine or Treadmill

Which Is Better: Treadmill or Rowing Machine?

Which is better, a treadmill or rowing machine? A lot of people ask this question so they can better understand what piece of equipment to …

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Differences between indoor and outdoor rowing

Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Rowing

Whether it’s outdoor rowing in a boat or indoors on a rowing machine, there’s nothing like rowing to give yourself a full-body workout! Both forms …

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Static vs. Dynamic Rower

Static vs. Dynamic Rower: What is the Difference?

So you’ve decided to buy a rowing machine but can’t decide between a static vs. dynamic rower? There are a lot of options to weigh …

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Water vs. Air Rowing Machine

Water vs. Air Rowing Machine: What is the Difference?

Once a week I get asked, “What is the difference between a water vs. air rowing machine?” I usually write a long-winded response, so I’ve …

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