Fitness Reality 3000WR Review

Fitness Reality 3000WR Bluetooth Water Rower Rowing Machine with HIIT WorkoutThe Fitness Reality 3000WR is a solid mid-range water rower! It was created in early 2020 but has already received a lot of positive feedback. 

Individuals who want a rowing machine where they can experience the feeling of rowing on open water but don’t have a large budget will love this rower!

One unique feature of the Fitness Reality 3000WR is its Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth is becoming more common on rowing machines, but it often comes with a higher price. The Fitness Reality 3000WR has a more reasonable price point than other machines with Bluetooth.

Like all rowing machines, the Fitness Reality water rower isn’t perfect, but most users have had good experiences with it!

In this review, I’ll provide all the details you need to know about this rower and talk about the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s right for you.


Resistance Type

There are four different resistance types on rowing machines: air, hydraulic piston, magnetic, and water. The Fitness Reality 3000WR is a water resistance machine.

Water resistance rowers have a water tank at the front where you can add or remove water based on how much resistance you want. As you row, the propellers in the tank spin and move the water around. The faster you row, the more water is moved around the tank, which requires you to apply more force to the machine.

Read this article for a more in-depth guide to how water rowers operate.

Resistance Benefits

Water resistance rowers more closely resemble the feeling of rowing on open water. They also tend to be quieter. Users of the Fitness Reality 3000WR say they can still hear their music or TVs while they’re rowing. Even though the water makes noise as it moves around the tank, users find it calming and relaxing.

One benefit of this rower is that the water tank is on an angle. This means that the water resets faster in between each stroke, which makes your workout more challenging.

Fitness Realty 3000WR Vertical Tank

The Fitness Reality 3000WR has six resistance levels. You can adjust the levels by adding or removing water using the funnel and siphon pump that comes with the machine. A sticker on the front of the water tank indicates which level the water is at.

Users have praised the machine for having a smooth stroke due to its durable nylon strap. They also like that the strap doesn’t need any lubrication, unlike rowing machines that have chain straps.

Resistance Downsides

Some users have reported that the resistance feels too easy, even at the highest level. This will depend on your fitness background and how proficient of a rower you are, though. Most individuals will find that this machine provides a great workout even at levels 2-3.

This is also a common complaint on air and water rowers, where users don’t understand that rowing is not a strength-based workout but a cardio-based workout. The 3000WR resistance is inline with other vertical tank water rowers.

Resistance Overall

Users are happy with the resistance on the Fitness Reality 3000WR. While some users don’t find it difficult enough, most find it challenging even at the lower levels.

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Monitor/Control Panel

The Fitness Reality 3000WR comes with a 4.5” LCD monitor that displays the following metrics:

  • Distance
  • Time
  • Calories burned
  • Total strokes
  • Strokes per minute
  • Drag force
  • Split time
  • Watts

The monitor is simple to use. It has six large buttons that can start or pause your workout, reset the console, or switch between programs. The numbers on the display are clear and easy to read, and you can pivot the monitor post to put the screen at an optimal viewing angle.

3000WR Monitor

Since this is a water resistance rower, you can’t adjust the resistance on the monitor. However, before you start your workout, you can set the resistance level on the screen based on how much water is in the tank. For example, if the water is filled to the third line, you would select L3 on the screen.

The monitor uses two AA batteries that come with the rower. This is an excellent feature because you don’t have to plug the machine into an outlet and can place the rower wherever you’d like.

The monitor comes preloaded with three customizable HIIT workouts, five different workout goals, and 13 race options. These are great features for people who aren’t sure where to start or those who like to follow structured workouts.

Another great feature of the monitor is that it comes with a holder so you have a place to rest your phone or tablet. This makes it easy for you to listen to music, watch TV shows or movies, or watch rowing workouts online.

Fitness Reality 3000WR Bluetooth MyCloudFitness app

The rower is also compatible with the MyCloudFitness app. With an app subscription, you can do scenic rows, follow programs created by rowing coaches, and access both high- and low-impact workouts.

A premium subscription for the MyCloudFitness app costs $14.99/month. If you don’t want to pay for the premium version, you can still use the free version to track metrics from each of your workouts.

Monitor Downsides

While the monitor on the Fitness Reality 3000WR displays all of the key metrics you’ll need to track your workout, users have mentioned that the display is basic and outdated.

Some users have also mentioned that the distance tracking is inaccurate. One user even said the time recorded on her rower for a 2,000m row was faster than some world record holders!

On some machines, the holes on the console don’t line up properly with the holes on the post. This causes the monitor to sit at a slight angle. However, this is a minor issue and doesn’t affect the monitor’s functionality.

Another drawback of the monitor is that it doesn’t have a backlight. This isn’t an issue if you work out during the daytime or in a lighted room. However, the screen will be hard to read if you work out at night or in a dark room.

There also is no heart rate monitor. If you want to track your heart rate during your workout, you’ll need to purchase a heart rate monitor separately. Here is a more affordable Garmin Heart Rate monitor which can sync your heart rate data to your phone and the machine. There are a lot of options available on Amazon.

Monitor Overall

The Fitness Reality 3000WR’s monitor isn’t super modern, but it gets the job done. Even though most users wish it was more advanced and had a backlight, they like how easy it is to read the data on the screen.

And while the distance isn’t 100% accurate on this machine, this flaw isn’t isolated to just this rower. Many rowers with a similar price point will have this issue as well. You can still get in a great workout with this rower — you’ll just have to remember that the distance on the screen isn’t a true representation of how far you rowed.

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Build Quality

The frame and the sliding rail of the Fitness Reality 3000WR are made of steel. Some rowing machines are made out of a combination of aluminum and steel, but the fact that this rower is made solely out of steel is a testament to its high quality and durability.

The seat is also made of steel and is covered with polyurethane. It has ball-bearing rollers to allow for smooth movement during each stroke. The rail of the rower has a slight incline, so depending on where the seat lays, it comes 16” – 17.3” off the ground.

The rower has foot stabilizers that prevent it from wobbling, and users have commented on how sturdy it is. The machine doesn’t squeak or make a lot of noise, so users also appreciate how quiet it is.

Fitness Realty 3000WR Quality

The rower has a 19” straight bar handle that’s attached to a rip-resistant nylon strap. The handle has an anti-slip texture that makes it easy to grip even when your hands get sweaty. It’s also comfortable to hold onto during long workouts.

While users haven’t had any issues with the pulling strap, some have mentioned that the foot straps aren’t very durable. But if they break, you can order new ones from the manufacturer.

The rower’s paint finish is supposed to be abrasion- and rust-resistant, but some users have commented on the paint chipping after several months of use. Some reviewers have also said the plastic on the wheels becomes worn after a while. These are aesthetic issues, though, and don’t affect the machine’s performance.

One reviewer did say her water tank started to leak after a year and a half, but this doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue.

All in all, this is a sturdy machine. It has some design flaws, but they only affect the rower’s appearance and won’t prevent you from being able to use it.

Check out this detailed first impression video below that walks through the assembly, quality, and first row:

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Comfort is an important thing to consider when purchasing a rowing machine. Rowing provides enough of a challenge on its own. You don’t want to make it more difficult by forcing yourself to work out on an uncomfortable rower.

The Fitness Reality 3000WR has a wide, padded 19” seat. As I mentioned earlier, the seat is between 16” and 17.3” off the ground. The higher height is great for people who have trouble sitting too low to the ground.

Rowing Machine Capacity

The rowing stroke felt smooth, strong, and quiet. There were very few comfort complaints and most users felt it was comparable to some of the higher-end water rowing machines.

The only comfort issue with this rower is the heel cups. Some users mentioned that they come too high up and cause blisters along the back of the ankles. You can alleviate this by putting padding on the heel cups or wearing high socks when you row.

Other than that – you’ll hopefully be enjoying this great rowing machine for a long time!

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The Fitness Reality 3000WR doesn’t fold, but you can store it vertically. The machine weighs just under 72 lbs, but it has transportation wheels so you can roll it out of the way when you’re not using it. When the rower is vertical, its dimensions are 29.0” x 70.0” x 77.3”.

Fitness Realty Water Rower Storage

The rower also has a stabilizer to keep it steady when it’s upright, but Fitness Reality recommends keeping it away from pets or children so they don’t accidentally knock it over.

Water can remain in the tank when you’re storing the rower. As long as you don’t overfill the tank, you shouldn’t have any problems with it leaking.

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According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the weight limit for the Fitness Reality 3000WR is 300 lbs. However, one reviewer who weighs 320 lbs said he hasn’t had any issues using the machine. If you weigh more than 300 lbs though, it could void the warranty.

Fitness Reality 3000WR Bluetooth Water Rower Rowing Machine with HIIT Workout

This rower is ideal for people who are between 4’9” and 6’6”. Other rowing machines are only suitable for people who are up to 6’4”. Very tall individuals will enjoy the Fitness Reality 3000WR since it can accommodate a couple of extra inches of height!

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  • Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • 77.3” x 20.0” x 34.0”
  • Storage Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • 29.0” x 70.0” x 77.3”
  • Shipping Box Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • 45.0” x 23.0” x 26.0”
  • Assembled Weight:
    • 71.9 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight:
    • 92 lbs.

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Assembly for the Fitness Reality 3000WR is easy. Most users were able to put it together by themselves within 30 minutes. The box weighs 92 lbs, though. You may need someone to help you carry it into the room where you plan on using it.

Check out the video from the ‘Build Quality’ section for a great overview of the assembly.

The front portion of the machine with the water tank comes pre-assembled, which helps cut down on the assembly time. The rower comes with a hardware kit that contains all the nuts, bolts, and tools you need to put it together.

The rower also comes with two AA batteries, a funnel to fill the water tank, a pump to siphon water out of the tank, and water purification tablets. The water purification tablets prevent mold from building up in the tank. You’ll need to replace the tablets every six months or whenever the water becomes cloudy.

Each piece in the hardware kit is labeled by name as well as by which step you need it for. Most machines come with the hardware thrown together in a small baggie, so it’s nice that Fitness Reality labels everything clearly!

The instruction manual is detailed and easy to follow. A handful of users said their rowers didn’t come with one. If yours doesn’t either, you can download it from the manufacturer’s website or watch YouTube videos to learn how to assemble it.

Some users have commented that the holes on each part line up perfectly, while others have said the opposite. The machines with uneven holes appear to be in the minority, so there’s a good chance your rower will be fine. Even if the holes are slightly off, it won’t affect the machine’s performance as long as you can get the bolts and screws in tight enough.

If you order the machine from Amazon, you can pay extra to have someone assemble it for you. But given how easy it is to put it together yourself, I wouldn’t recommend spending the extra money.

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Pros and Cons


  • Comes with Bluetooth capabilities
  • Can use it with the MyCloudFitness app
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy assembly
  • 180-day parts warranty
  • Suitable for individuals up to 6’6” tall


  • Monitor display is basic
  • Monitor doesn’t have a backlight
  • Heel cups are uncomfortable
  • Distance tracking is inaccurate

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Consumer Reviews

Reviews on the Fitness Reality 3000WR are positive. Users appreciate how easy it is to assemble and how clear the instructions are. They also like the comfortable seat, the smooth pulls they get from the strap and handlebar, and the machine’s sturdiness.

Some reviewers have had a few cosmetic issues with their rowers. While these issues don’t affect the machine’s functionality, they do make the rower look cheap.

Some users have also said the heel cups are uncomfortable and cause blisters on the backs of the ankles. Putting padding in the heel cups or wearing higher socks can help prevent this issue.

There are conflicting reviews about how challenging the resistance levels are, but this will depend on your fitness background and rowing proficiency.

You can read more Fitness Reality 3000WR reviews here.

Average Rating: 4.6

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The warranty for the frame of the Fitness Reality 3000WR is standard for most home gym rowers. However, Fitness Reality sets itself apart by offering a parts warranty for twice the amount of time as other manufacturers.

  • Frame: 3 years for home use only
  • Parts: 180 days for home use only
  • Model Number: 2671

The warranty is void if you put pool chlorine or bleach in the water tank, use the rower in a commercial gym, or don’t follow the operating guidelines in the instruction manual.

If you need to replace any parts, you can order them by emailing a parts replacement form to the manufacturer. The form is included with your instruction manual. You can also fill out and submit the form on the manufacturer’s website.

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Fitness Reality 3000WR Price

The Fitness Reality 3000WR isn’t the cheapest rower on the market, but it’s far from the most expensive.

The monitor display is a bit basic for the cost of the machine. Having to pay extra for a subscription to the MyCloudFitness app is also a drawback. But the app is optional and if you don’t want to use it, you can use the preset workouts on the rower or find rowing workouts online instead.

Overall, I think the Fitness Reality 3000WR is fairly priced, especially since it’s Bluetooth-enabled. Amazon is a great place to purchase it because they offer competitive pricing, free shipping on qualified purchases, and excellent customer service.

Overall Review

Even though the Fitness Reality 3000WR rower is a bit more expensive than other mid-range water rowers, it’s an excellent option for people who don’t want to break the bank.

There are some issues with it such as the lack of a backlight on the monitor and distance tracking inaccuracies, but the extended parts warranty, Bluetooth capabilities, and sturdiness make it worth the price.

There are also some other great vertical tank water rowers in this price range that are worth a look:

I think the Sunny Phantom Hydro is a great option and recommend it over the Merax. There are a few differences between the Phantom Hydro and the Fitness Realty 3000WR so I’ll let you read both reviews and choose for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed this Fitness Realty 3000WR Review! Please leave us any questions or comments below! 

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