MaxKare Magnetic Rower ReviewLooking for a low-cost magnetic rower? Not sure which one to choose?

I’ll help you decide if the MaxKare Magnetic Rower is the best low-cost option.

I’ve had my site Rowing Machine King before there was even such a thing as a budget magnetic rower!

Back in 2013, you basically had to pay close to $500 before you could even buy a decent magnetic rowing machine.

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MaxKare Water Rowing Machine ReviewThe MaxKare Water Rowing Machine is the newest addition to the lineup of budget water rowers.

5 years ago, the cheapest water rowing machine was around $800. Now there are multiple options under $500!

That’s great for consumers but it’s getting harder and harder to choose the best option!

Luckily, the MaxKare Water Rower is an excellent water resistance rowing machine with great build quality, a smooth rowing stroke, and a good (not great) monitor.

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