Rowing Machine Foot Position

What Is The Proper Rowing Machine Foot Position?

When you hop on a rower, your first question might be – how do I put my foot in this thing!? Rowing machine foot position …

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Rowing Machine Hand Position and Grip

Proper Rowing Machine Grip and Hand Position

Whether you’re totally new to rowing or you’ve been at it a while, I’m sure you want to get your rowing machine hand position and …

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Rowing Fun Facts

6 Fun Facts about Rowing

Did you know that rowing machines are the oldest cardio machines in existence?  That’s right — even treadmills, which are the most popular pieces of …

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Best Rowing Machine Apps

Complete Guide to Best Rowing Machine Apps

Do you have a rowing machine but you’re bored of listening to music or podcasts? Are you looking for the best rowing machine apps to …

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Funny Rowing Meme

23 Funny Rowing Jokes & Memes

In the midst of all the chaos (global pandemics, work, family!) – we can all use some funny rowing jokes! Or my favorite – rowing …

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Xebex vs. Concept2 Comparison

Xebex vs. Concept2 Comparison

Many people ask me to compare the Xebex vs. Concept2 rowing machines. “Are they the same?”, “Which is better?”, “Which one should I buy?” At …

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Cyber Monday Deals on Rowing Machines

How to Find Cyber Monday Rowing Machine Deals?

On the biggest online shopping day of the year, finding Cyber Monday rowing machine deals can be nearly impossible! However, Amazon and other fitness retailers …

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Black Friday Rowing Machine Deal

How to Find Black Friday Rowing Machine Deals?

With the holiday season right around the corner many people want to know how they can find Black Friday rowing machine deals. This year, more …

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Best Exercise Equipment

Best Exercise Machine

Looking for the best exercise machine? Want to see what makes a great “all around” piece of fitness equipment? Everyone wants to exercise and be …

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Amazon Prime Day Deals on Rowing Machines 2019

2019 Amazon Prime Day Deals on Rowing Machines

If you are looking for the Amazon Prime Day Deals on Rowing Machines then continue to check out the site for updates. I will be …

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