What Does a Rowing Machine Do For Your Body?

“What does a rowing machine do for your body?” Is this the thought that runs through your mind as you walk past one in the gym? Each piece of equipment in a gym has a specific purpose for your body. So you begin to go through each piece. Free weights and weight machines are for strength training. Treadmills, ellipticals and bikes are for cardiovascular exercise. But rowing machines? What is their purpose? If you don’t know, you’re not alone! Apparently most people are unaware of what it does for your body because I rarely see anyone in a health club using them. Simply put – a rowing machine is your body’s best friend. They give your entire body a thorough workout inside and out (literally). Here’s a short list of what a rowing machine does for your body: A Rowing Machine Provides a Full-Body Workout One of the rowing machine’s claims to fame is it’s fantastic for working out your whole body. Your upper and lower body are required to complete a full rowing stroke. This is a good and bad thing depending on how you look at it. It’s a good thing because you’ll be getting a solid workout … Continue reading What Does a Rowing Machine Do For Your Body?