Oartec Slider Rowing MachineIf you are looking for a full Oartec Slider review I have good news and bad news.

Ok, bad news first.

The Oartec Slider Rowing Machine is no longer being manufactured.

Good news – the manufacturing rights were purchased by WaterRower and it is now being made under a different name!

Same great rowing machine, same dual rail design, just manufactured by a new company with a few upgrades.

The new rowing machine model is called the WaterRower Slider Dynamic Rower.

I did a full WaterRower Slider Dynamic Rowing Machine review here, which outlines every detail about the model.

Below I will go over some of the similarities and differences when comparing the Oartec Slider vs. WaterRower Dynamic Slider.

Oartec Slider vs. WaterRower Slider Dynamic

The Oartec Slider was manufactured by Oartec from December 2009 through December 2014.

It was then purchased by WaterRower and manufactured as the WaterRower Slider Dynamic Rower from January 2015 until Present.

Not a whole lot has changed, but I will go over any of the similarities and differences below.


The Oartec Slider received a lot of praise from the dynamic rowing community, so it is good to hear WaterRower did not make any major changes.

Everything is exactly the same as far as rowing stroke, resistance, dual-rail design, monitor functionality, build quality, and comfort.

Take a look at the photos below. Do you notice any differences besides the logo?

Nope, me either. They are exactly the same design.

Oartec SliderOartec Slider

WaterRower Slider DynamicWaterRower Slider Dynamic

I could put up two videos showing the rowing stroke of the Oartec Slider vs. WaterRower Slider Dynamic. However, just take my word that they are the same.

There is a video of the Slider Dynamic in action in my full review.

If you aren’t sure exactly how dynamic rowers operate, you can read my stationary rowing vs. dynamic rowing article.

In short, on a stationary rowing machine the user moves back and forth on the seat rail.

While on a dynamic rowing machine, the user remains in place and the front portion of the rower (flywheel) moves back and forth.

Dynamic rowing more closely resembles the feeling of “on the water” rowing. I explain this further in the WaterRower Slider Dynamic review.


The only major difference WaterRower made to the model was upgrading the warranty policy. Which is a great change!

The Oartec Slider covered the frame for 3 years and the parts for 2 years.

WaterRower now covers the frame for 5 years and parts for 3 years.

A nice jump in coverage!

This is mainly due to WaterRower being such a large company. Larger companies are able to make more guarantees on their warranties and have better customer service. Something that is not easily done by smaller companies like “Oartec”.

Another great benefit of being manufactured by WaterRower is it is now “Made in USA”.

The Oartec Slider is now considered “built, sold, and serviced” by WaterRower.

In my opinion, this means higher quality control, faster lead times, and better sourced products. It can also help guarantee the longevity of this model.

Final Thoughts

While this isn’t a full Oartec Slider review, it does show that the model hasn’t changed and can now be purchased from WaterRower.

So if you heard the Oartec Slider was an amazing dynamic rowing machine, just head over to my complete Slider Dynamic review and see the full breakdown.

It is one of the best dynamic rowers on the market and one of the least expensive. It is also the only dual-rail dynamic rower on the market.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

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