Best Rowing Exercise MachineIf you’re researching the best rowing exercise machine, I’ll assume you’re fairly new to rowing.

Maybe you’ve seen people using one in the gym or heard it was a great exercise machine for losing weight.

No matter how you’ve heard about a rowing exercise machine, just know this workout burns more calories than any other type of fitness equipment!

It’s also a low-impact full-body workout, so you can save time and never worry about aching knees or hips. Read the rest of this entry

Rogue Fitness Military DiscountIf you’re looking for a Rogue Fitness military discount, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve contacted the manufacturer, done the research,  and searched all the articles.

I found where you can find military discounts, regular discounts, discount codes, etc.

Hopefully by the end of this article you will be able to save some of that hard earned cash!

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Best Rowing Machine Under $300Rowing machines can be very expensive and I often get asked the question, “what is the best rowing machine under $300?”

If you are new to rowing and don’t want to spend $1,000 before being certain this is an activity you enjoy, then I can understand your concern.

There are a few great options when considering the best rowing machine under $300 but I always like to tell my readers, “you get what you pay for!”

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Best Home Rowing MachineIf you’re looking for the best home rowing machine you’ve come to the right place!

I have been helping people find the best rowing machine models for over 5 years and have personally helped over 1,000 people through direct emails.

Selecting a rowing machine can be tough because everyone has different preferences and needs.

However, some of us just want the best and that is exactly what I will show you in this article!

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Concept2 Military DiscountHave you tried searching for a Concept2 military discount but couldn’t find one?

If so, you have come to the right place.

I have already done the work for you and emailed all the Concept2 retailers to see if they offer Concept2 military discounts.

Luckily, there was one who offered discounts to military and federal employees.

Unfortunately, the others said their margins (profits) were too tight to be able to offer any discounts and could end up losing money.

Just read below to see the easiest way to obtain your discount or other places to buy a Concept2 Rower if you don’t qualify.

Who Offers the Concept2 Military Discount?

After emailing all the main retailers for Concept2, only one company offered the Concept2 military discount.

That company is Concept2 Inc. themselves.

This actually makes a lot of sense and you can’t really blame the other companies for not offering it.

The manufacturer makes the most margin on the product (profits) because they are the original creators. When they sell to a certified reseller, they mark the price up, and the reseller makes less profit than Concept2 Inc..

So it would be difficult for a reseller like Rogue Fitness to be able to offer any discount on their Concept2 products.

Concept2 Rower Military Discount

Not all companies who offer military discounts apply it to all of their products. Luckily, there is a Concept2 Rower military discount!

If you don’t know, there are two different Concept2 Rowing Machines. Well, there are actually 3 (Concept2 Dynamic Rower), but it is not offered in the Concept2 Rower military discount.

Your two options are the Concept2 Model D and the Concept2 Model E.

The Model D is the #1 bestselling rowing machine on the market. It is used by many Olympic Rowers and has the best performance monitor as well.

You can read my full Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine review here.

Concept2 Rower Military Discount

The Model E is almost identical to the Model D with a few small changes. First, both rowing machines will function exactly the same, have the same rowing stroke, and same performance monitor.

The Model E will have a taller seat height, fixed monitor, fully enclosed chain housing, and nickel-plated chain.

You can read my full Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine review here.

There is also a link to a Concept2 Model D vs. Model E comparison article in the ‘Final Section’ of the review.

Concept2 Pricing & Discounts

Concept2 offers military discount pricing on 3 of their top products. Below is the current pricing for each.

Just note, these prices are subject to change and are the prices on Sept 20, 2017. I wanted to clarify in case you are reading this months or years after the article was written.

  • Black/Gray Model D with PM5: $850 plus shipping
  • Black/Gray Model E with PM5: $1050 plus shipping
  • Black SkiErg with PM5: $730 plus shipping
    • Black SkiErg Stand: $170 plus shipping

Currently, the Concept2 Model D and Model E sell for $945 and $1,160 respectively on Amazon with free shipping.

Shipping is usually around $50, so the discount is about $45 on the Model D and $60 on the Model E.

If you are looking for more savings than this, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.

Check out my article on finding Concept2 discounts & savings here.

I have a few ways to save big on Concept2 Rowers, plus a way to save $60 on Amazon.

You can also check the current pricing of Concept2 Rowing Machines below. I cannot list the price because it is against most retailers terms & services.

Amazon PriceRowing Machine Reviews Lowest Pricing
HayneedleRowing Machine Reviews Lowest Pricing
Rogue FitnessRowing Machine Reviews Lowest Pricing
Concept2Rowing Machine Reviews Lowest Pricing

How to Obtain the Concept2 Military Discount?

Obtaining the Concept2 military discount is fairly easy.

Just call Concept2 customer service at 1-800-245-5676 or email them at

Explain to them you are a military or federal employee and are inquiring about the Concept2 military discount.

They will most likely ask for some credentials like military ID, APO/FPO/DPO address, military/federal email address, etc..

You can then order directly from the customer service department.

Final Thoughts

It is nice to see when companies offer a military discount on their products. Men and women willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our country deserve our appreciation and gratitude.

I feel providing a discount shows a company supports the military and is thankful for the service they provide.

A rowing machine is also a great full-body functional fitness exercise that seems to match well with military style training. So it’s nice to see there is a Concept2 Rower military discount available!

If you are in the military and want other fitness products besides rowing machines, you can also check out Rogue Fitness and Onnit.

Onnit is a health & fitness company that has many supplements and fitness equipment. They offer a 15% discount to anyone shipping to a military address or military ID. Check out all ONNIT products here or visit the link below and use the code GETONNIT to save 10% on all supplements.

Get 10% Off All Onnit Supplements with Code: GETONNIT

Rogue Fitness does not offer military discounts but they do have an APO site that ships to military addresses. Check out and click the link at the top to the APO site.

If you have any questions about the Concept2 military discount or know other places where you can find a Concept2 Rower military discount, please leave them in the comment section below.

Best Rowing Machine For Under $500A lot of visitors ask me “What is the best rowing machine under $500?”

The old saying goes, “you get what you pay for” and this cliché applies to everything! Mostly.

This saying is true most of the time because the higher priced products tend to have the highest quality.

However, it doesn’t mean there aren’t good quality products in the low-to-mid price ranges. Read the rest of this entry

Rogue Rowing MachineMaybe you’ve seen a Rogue Rowing Machine at a Crossfit event or the Crossfit Games.

Possibly you’ve seen one on social media being used by one of Rogue’s sponsored athletes.

Or maybe you’re a big fan of Rogue Fitness and want to expand your home gym.

Whichever way you’ve come across a Rogue Rower, maybe you are now thinking if you should buy one?

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WaterRower Discount Code

Looking to buy a WaterRower but would like to find a WaterRower discount code or WaterRower coupon code before buying?

If this is you, then you’re in the right place!

Since beginning to sell rowing machines in 2012, I have helped 100’s of people buy WaterRower models. They are one of the top selling rowing machines and for good reason.

They have a super smooth rowing stroke, low noise level, and look amazing due to their hardwood finish.

Their one major downside is cost! That is until now…..hopefully!

Below I will go over a few ways to find a WaterRower coupon code, discount code, promo code, or whatever you want to call it.

I will help you save when buying a WaterRower!

How to Find a WaterRower Discount Code?

Below I will go over a few steps to find a WaterRower discount and possibly some WaterRower coupon codes.

A WaterRower discount code is a pretty rare thing to find, so don’t be discouraged if there isn’t one available. You may have to wait for a promotion to be offered or even find a used rowing machine in excellent condition.

If you want your WaterRower right away, then you may need to pay a higher price. Patience and time are key when looking for the best deals on WaterRowers.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Time is a critical factor when looking for deals & discounts. The more time you have, the higher the chance of finding a deal.

Rowing Machine Time

If you want your WaterRower in the next couple of weeks, you can definitely find some great savings, but they may not be as high as if you wait.

Waiting increases the chance of finding a great WaterRower promo code but it doesn’t guarantee it.

Below I will go over some quick ways to save a few $100 and also some long term strategies where you can find huge savings.

Watch Out For WaterRower Coupon Code Scams

When looking for different WaterRower coupon codes, just have your guard up for deals that are too good to be true.

If you find a WaterRower from an online retailer that is 40% off, then you are probably looking at a scam.

WaterRower does not sell to their resellers low enough for any company to make a profit when offering a 40% discount.

Rowing Machine Scam

If you find a website offering huge WaterRower discounts, then Google search the company name with the words “scam” or “fraud”. Then do the same with the company address and phone number.

You can also contact WaterRower and ask if the company is a certified reseller.

Most companies running  a scam will offer very large discounts with a time constraint attached. This could be a sign about “Sale Ends Today” or a countdown timer when you click on the promotion.

This is to get you to act fast without doing research!

Always make sure to pay using a credit card with fraud protection.

However, you can find great deals on Craigslist or Ebay that sell rowing machines for 40% – 50% off! These are not scams and can be great finds!

When dealing with Craigslist you are actually driving to pickup the rower, so you should not get scammed. Purchasing through Ebay is done through their marketplace escrow account, so you are protected from fraud there as well.

Where to Find the Cheapest WaterRower?

The best way to find a cheap WaterRower is by not needing a brand new model and by not rushing to buy one.

People find excellent deals on used WaterRower’s all the time! You just have to monitor sites like Craigslist and Ebay, while also acting fast when you see a good deal.

I wrote an entire post on how to find used rowing machine deals. The article focuses on finding Concept2 Rowers but the exact same method can be used for WaterRowers.

Finding a WaterRower on Craigslist will depend a lot on where you live. Living closer to a major city will most likely result in more options.

Below are two great WaterRower deals I found in LA and Austin.

The WaterRower below is selling for 50% off!

WaterRower Discount

This WaterRower Club sells for $1,160 brand new and is selling for $740 on Craigslist. That’s a 36% discount and the ad says it is only 6 months old!

WaterRower Promo

Top Places to Buy a WaterRower

Most retailers sell the WaterRower models for the exact same price.

If one store sells the model for slightly less, make sure to look for additional shipping, taxes, and fees that bring the price right back to normal levels.

To accurately compare pricing, you must go to the final checkout stage and look at the cost.

I have seen rowing machines appear to be $150 less than a competitor but as soon as I go to checkout they are the same price. Shipping charges, as well as “oversized package” fees, can be added later to “trick” the buyer into thinking they are getting a deal.

There are many different models of WaterRowers that all function the same. The main difference between the models is the wood type they are constructed from, which changes the final price.

You can check out the full line-up of WaterRowers by visiting my Rowing Machine Comparison Page. I also recommend a few of the top models in the ‘Final Thoughts’ section below.

Below are the top places to buy WaterRower rowing machines.

Amazon PriceRowing Machine Reviews Lowest Pricing
HayneedleRowing Machine Reviews Lowest Pricing
WaterRower Long Logo
Rowing Machine Reviews Lowest Pricing

WaterRower Coupon Codes & Discount Codes

If you see a website offering a WaterRower coupon code, like “SAVE10“, just know 99% of the time these codes do not work.

First, most of these coupon code sites don’t even say where, when, or on what website you can use the code.

Second, I have tried using all of these coupon codes and NONE of them have worked!

Below I will show you a few ways to save some money when buying a WaterRower and some links to deal pages that can have WaterRower discounts.

WaterRower Discount Codes on Amazon

Amazon is one of the best spots to buy rowing machines and they occasionally offer coupon codes for some models.

I haven’t seen a WaterRower discount code on Amazon (only other brands) but it is worth looking before buying.

I have seen multiple other rowing machine models with $100.00 off coupons, which would be a great find for a WaterRower.

The first spot to look is on the “Today’s Deals: Sports & Outdoors Page“. This page displays all the current products with a special offer.

This page is excellent during the holiday season. However, Amazon requires you to scroll through all the deals and does not let you sort by keywords.

The second spot to look is under the Amazon Coupon Search Page. Here you can type in the keyword “Rower” or “Rowing Machine” and Amazon will display any rowing machine currently offering a coupon.

At the time of this post there was one rowing machine offering a $30.00 off coupon but no WaterRower models (see photo).

Rowing Machine Coupon

Amazon Credit Card

Another easy way to say some money on Amazon when buying a WaterRower is to sign up for a credit card.

Even if you are an occasional Amazon shopper, I think the Amazon credit card is a great offer.

Signing up will give you a $20 instant cash offer and 5% off on all purchases.

I have sometimes seen the instant cash offer go as high as $50, so try re-adding products to your cart and going through checkout to see if the offer will change.

This means if you purchase a WaterRower for $1,160 you would first receive $20 off ($1,160 – $20 = $1,140)

Then you can apply the 5% cashback and get an additional $57 off! ($1,140 * 5% = $57)

So you can save $77 just by signing up for a credit card!

While it may seem like a pain, if you shop on Amazon a lot or even during the holidays, the 5% back can begin to add up quickly.

You can visit the WaterRower Natural Amazon Page here. Then add it to your cart and go to checkout to see your instant cash offer.

WaterRower Coupon Code on Hayneedle

Hayneedle is another store that can sometimes offer great deals on rowing machines.

Luckily, this site allows you to sort their “Sales” page by category so you can quickly look for any deals.

Visit the Hayneedle Rowing Machine Sales Page here to look for any rowing machine discounts.

Just make sure to compare the price to the other sites listed above.

Sometimes companies claim the rowing machine is 25% off, but this is just MSRP and every online retailer is offering the model at 25% off MSRP.

Financing a WaterRower

If you want a brand new WaterRower but don’t want to dish out $1,200 right away, then financing could be a good option.

WaterRower offers financing options for 3, 6, and 12 month periods. They make it extremely easy to setup and claim to have no gimmick or hidden fees.

Once you reach the final checkout page, you will see your exact monthly payments, APR %, and time frame.

You can learn more about financing a WaterRower here.

Final Thoughts

Finding a WaterRower discount code is no easy task!

WaterRower is lucky enough to be such a popular brand they barely have to offer an incentive for people to buy their products.

If you don’t care about having a brand new rowing machine and aren’t in a rush to have a WaterRower, then looking on Craigslist and Ebay would be my first option.

However, you could end up waiting 3 or 4 months and never see a good deal!

The second best option is to browse the online retailers above looking for promo codes and discounts.

You may get lucky during the holiday seasons and find WaterRower offering incentives to buy their models over competitors like Concept2.

WaterRower does offer a bunch of different models, so if you are ever confused about which model to buy make sure to check out my reviews.

Below are the most popular models:

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below.

Also, if you know of any other ways to find great deals on WaterRowers please share with us!

Best Rowing Machine for Tall PeopleIf you’re reading this post, you’re obviously tall, and you’re obviously looking for the best rowing machine for tall people.

Rowing has long been known to be a sport for the taller than average person.

Unfortunately, not all rowing machines will fit tall rowers.

I’ve been asked countless times, “what is the best rowing machine for tall people?”

So I’ve decided to break it down once and for all by listing the top rowing machines for tall people. Read the rest of this entry

Rowing Machine Resistance TypesThe process of finding the right rowing machine can be downright difficult!

Choosing from so many different brands, price ranges, features, and warranties can really give you a headache.

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a rowing machine are the different rowing machine resistance types.

The resistance type can usually determine the cost, monitor functionality, build quality, and size of the rowing machine.

Read the rest of this entry